Foundation of the COMCEC CMR Forum

The 25th and 26th Sessions of the COMCEC Meetings were conducted in 2009 and 2010 respectively. These Meetings called upon the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and related OIC institutions to enhance financial cooperation amongst capital market regulators of the OIC Member States.  The Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (CMB) was mandated to host a meeting for the OIC capital market regulators in order to explore opportunities for improving financial cooperation.  Thereafter, during September 6th -17th, in 2011 the CMB of Türkiye organized the "COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators Conference and Roundtable".  More than 20 participants from across various 13 COMCEC Member States participated in these meetings in order to explore the possibilities as well as the needs for expanding financial cooperation among the capital market regulators of COMCEC Member States.  The establishment of the COMCEC Members States Capital Markets Regulators Forum (CMR) and the benefits to all members were discussed and examined in further detail.  In line with the 25th and 26th COMCEC Meetings General Session calls and with the opinions of the delegates from Member States, the "COMCEC Capital Market Regulators Forum (CMR) " was formally established and the Capital Markets Board of Türkiye (CMB) was appointed as the Secretariat of the COMCEC Capital Market Regulators (CMR)  Forum. ​